Brand Design

In-depth full-service brand design.

We’ve helped identify the target market, determine the firm’s values and desired public image, as well as worked on logo and brand visual design, typology choices, naming and extensive language rules, visual guide, etc.

We make sure that the brand persona is aligned with its people and come through in all communications.

Print Materials Design

Promotional collateral design.

We’ve designed engaging print materials like product brochures targeting the specific customer group of the client.

Print Advertising

Campaign and iteration design over 3 years.

We’ve undertaken newspapers and magazines advertising campaigns for X-chair over the years. Working with traditional print media has proven to be greatly beneficial for the client’s business.

Design Every Step of the Way

X-Chair has been with Camos since its inception. We have worked extensively with them to cultivate a brand that sells. By identifying the brands’ target market and refining the brands’ public perception, we’ve created a company that is growing and thriving. Using a mix of print and digital advertising that is tracked, we have made their site traffic and sales increase. We designed their website to capture customers and sell them the X-Chair on its features and comfort. X-Chair also uses our In-House Outsourced service.