Brand Design

Brand kit and visual identity.

Svago inquired a full brand service from Camos. In specific, we advised the client on strategic choices like brand image and target market, as well as designed the company’s logo and visual mark, typology, visual and language guide, etc. We established a distinct brand’s identity and persona via our works.

E-Commerce Website Design

Full e-commerce website development.

We developed a fully functional e-commerce platform for the client. Showcasing the products’ selling points and the brand, as well as ensuring a premium user experience on the website were our top priorities.

Branded Materials

Packaging and branded items.

We took care of the graphic design for the client’s product packaging as well as other branded items from business card to mugs, pens, throw blankets, etc. We ensured that their brand was consistently conveyed on all fronts.

Print Design

Promotional materials and photography.

We designed brochures highlighting the strengths of Svago as a company and their products with the brand’s aesthetic in mind. In addition, we also assisted with the photography of the products.

Starting a Brand from the Ground Up

We were hired to turn an idea into a fully fledged brand. Camos created a brand around a concept for a logo mark and the product’s shape. Then we were able to creatively portray the unique features of this premium recliner with minimal resources.  Camos designed the brand and website concept from scratch in only a month. It was surely a memorable journey. After several years in business, Svago was sold to another company who still sells the chair under the same brand.