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Benefit from Print Ads and Branded Materials

Being a team of proficient graphic designers, Camos has used print advertising to help its clients grow their brands for over 10 years. From magazine designs to event flyers, print advertising is still a viable and necessary component of any company’s full marketing package. Our strong focus on analytics and testing allows us to create graphic designs with a high response and efficient distribution.


Print Advertisements Created


Entice your audience from the front cover to the last page

We’ve created numerous magazine designs for companies and organizations, be it for their external or internal communications. Our experience spans from designing companies’ annual reports and other publications, to product catalogs and brochures, to internal training materials and guides. Small or big, 10 pages or 100 pages, we can do it!


Magazine Design Completed

Catalog Design

Inspiring Design Inside and Out

While having good content is key, how you package it should not be overlooked either. A magazine cover is your face, your first impression. The pages are your stories. We not only ensure that you will make a great impression with a tasteful cover design but also strategically layout the pages to empower your messages.

Designed for Profit

We live for clean and beautiful designs. At the same time, we strongly believe that effective graphic design can be measured, too. Using reporting and tracking along with sales numbers, we can make informed decisions on layout design that improve profits.

Increased single profit revenue by51%


Increased Per Page ad profit by79%



Bring your products and services to the customers’ hands

We have had great success with our direct mail programs.  We have grown our client’s customer bases and had up to 37% of attributed sales during promotional events!

Boost Sales and Grow Your Brand

Supplemental print advertising can have a significant effect on your business when implemented correctly. Combining printed materials with large promotions or events is a must if you are serious about your goals. If you are attending a trade show, take away print materials increase contact rates. If you are having a sale, printed ads done correctly will only grow your profits!

Increased atributed sales by37%


Increased contact rate at tradeshow by57%


Mailing List Services

We are experienced in refining mailing lists and using statistics alongside other services to make sure your mailed advertisements perform their best.

Increased ROI with Print Ads by73%


Grown List23%



Don’t leave the print ad game prematurely

Print ads aren’t dead and have gained heightened tracking tools so that you can see how effective your ad is working. If you were considering print advertising for your next ad campaign, we can handle the entire process. From media buying through to the final ad graphic design being submitted to the publication.

National Newspaper Ads

Advertising in national publications such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and USA Today can be a valuable part of a marketing strategy. Coupled with deals for online ads, special pricing and precise tracking, we can use print ads like these to grow your brand and sales.

Increased attributed sales to a single ad campaign23%


Magazine Ads

If you have a refined target demographic, magazine ads can have greater results and ROI. Magazine advertising has all of the modern tracking ability but can be tuned with precision by selecting key publications that fit your clientele.

Increased e-commerce site traffic87%


Local Publication Ads

With modern tracking methods, local papers ads can be monitored just as close as national ones. Choosing select publications based on geographic and demographic data can allow for some very precise and cost-effective marketing.

Increased ad spend ROI72%



Get your brand across at every touchpoint

There are so many print graphic design projects that all companies and individuals need to have created. Do you need an exhibition stand, signage, product packaging, business cards, branded stationery, branded apparel like T-shirts and caps, mugs, keychains, and so on? We are the graphic designer you need!

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