Packaging Design

Box design for a premium pillow.

Our goal was to have an elegant design that conveys the light and airy feel of the pillow while presenting informative visuals that capture and guide the customer from the moment they see the box. What can we say, the client was over the moon with our work.

Logo and Art Direction

Concept and brand design from the ground up.

Joining the client at the early stage of their journey, Camos was trusted to actively participate in product and brand concept development work. To date, the Moonbeam logo design work still remains among our staff’s favorites.

Custom Illustration

Iconography and visual describers.

Product’s package design is often known for their limited space. Therefore, in this case, we employed smart use of custom icons and visual describers to achieve the desired effect.

Premium Product Packaging Design

Moonbeam is a premium breathable pillow that was just an idea at the start when they approached us. Through strategic decisions and branding discussion, we developed the brand and then their visuals.  Once the concept was finalized, we went forward with the packaging design.