In-house Outsourced

Although the Camos staff have a variety of professional backgrounds, we have all at one point or another worked as part of an in-house marketing or design team. We know the struggles that come with running your own marketing, and the drawbacks of outsourcing marketing activities to big agencies. Our in-house outsourcing provides you with a customized team based on your needs and a process that makes it feel like we are part of the company.


Run the department, or just lend a helping hand. We can assist with any level of your in-house marketing needs.


Have too much work for your design team? Or perhaps the agency you outsource to doesn’t understand your needs.  We can help with that!


Need some help organizing a team, streamlining your internal processes with your marketing department, starting from scratch. We love setting companies up for success even if we aren’t going to be your provider.

Full Team Package

Need a marketing or design department but don’t want to hire 3-5 employees?  Let us be that team for you! With competitive pricing, better value and lower risk to your company, it is becoming our most common service level.

Let us show you how you can have a whole design or marketing team for a fraction of the price