Digital Ad Campaign

Digital campaign with multiple variations.

We designed, launched and tracked Gallow Law’s PPC ad campaign across different social media channels and search engines.

Images represent a past ad campaign

Ad Optimization

Refining ads based on performances.

We were constantly monitoring the ads’ performances against set metrics and looking for ways to further tweak them. The communication was strong throughout the work. We love keeping our clients updated regarding their projects.

 Images represent a past ad campaign

Email Marketing

Content-driven email ads.

Besides social media ads, we also carried out an email advertising campaign for the company.

Images represent a past ad campaign

Social and Digital Advertising

Gallo Law was a client with some more complex needs. As a law firm specializing in consumer protection cases, they needed to find very specific groups of audience to present their information to. Through some trial and error, and expanding our platform options, we saw concrete improvements in the campaigns’ results. The lessons we have learned here translate to all our advertising and have been immensely valuable to Camos.