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Up Your Digital Marketing Game – Web Design, SEO, SEM, Social Media and More 

The world of digital marketing has never been more diverse. SEO, SEM and Google Ads, social media all have their places in a complete digital assortment. Whether you need them all, or just want to pursue some selective aspects of your digital marketing portfolio, we have the experience you need. Plus, we are also experts in web design and development. We build your site to compliment your digital marketing efforts.


The start of your digital journey

In our contemporary world, customers are well-educated and, more often than not, research companies before making their purchases. You could spend a lot of money on online advertisements, yet if the customer’s interest isn’t peaked once they arrive at your site, you are not making the most of that traffic. At Camos, we have built all kinds of websites, from simple business pages to large-scale e-commerce sites with 100+ products. We definitely can lend you a hand here!

We ensure our sites are:

  • Technically sound and optimized to run smoothly on all devices
  • Conveying your brand image and characteristics
  • Built with SEO in mind
  • Pleasing to the eyes

Plus, we can also assist with copywriting for your web pages.

Corporate Web Design

When you need a professional website to sell your brand and its services. Corporate websites tend to be complex with multiple tiers.

Small Business Web Design

When you do lower volume business or are selling a product or service locally. A small business site entails the essence of the brand and its services.

E-Commerce Web Design

When you are selling a high volume of products online, and thus need a full-function web store. Make it easy for your customers to browse and buy your products!


Be there when customers search for a product or service you offer

Maintaining visibility is increasingly important for your website to reach as many visitors as possible. We can ensure that your site is optimized to be found easily and often when prospective customers are looking for what you provide on search engines like Google.

Used in conjunction with search engine marketing we’re experienced in shifting the tides for more site hits.

Improving your Google Search Result

SEO site optimization with our trained team can improve your business’ reputation and increase its profits.  If you are having trouble or already tried this with another agency, let us give you a free evaluation before you think it can’t be done. We have some bright ideas, and a large network of experts we can call on to assist you.

We can advise on and improve your SEO strategy, site architecture, your pages’ copywriting and visual usages.

Increased SEO ranking43%


Site Optimization for User Experience

Creating clean and beautiful designs is our passion. But effective graphic design can be measured! Using reporting and tracking along with sales numbers, we can make informed decisions on user experience, design and language that improve your profits. In addition to technical coding, we can spot the strategic placements for your visual elements and text blocks, and use them to your advantage.

Increased Per Page ad profit by79%



Master Google Ads

Paying for visibility is always an option, but making sure you are getting the right views and clicks is always a challenge – one that Camos is very experienced with. Additionally, recapturing your successful site traffic is key to boosting sales. Not everybody is ready to act when they find you. So reminding them about your products and services is what’s wise to do.

Getting Attention

Using search engine marketing can get your site the traffic it needs, especially if you are new to a market. Unlike SEO, SEM can instantly place you before the customers’ eyes when they are Googling your products or services. It’s a shortcut to sales! We have used SEM to boost sales and capture specific searches for seasonal use and time-sensitive traffic generation.

Reeling Them Back In

With Google Ads, you can create Retargeting Campaigns to appear in front of potential customers who have visited your website. These customers are curious but often need more encouragement or a friendly reminder to convert. A thought-out retargeting campaign can do just that.


Place you at the center of everyday conversations

Increasing your reach on social media and using paid ads could greatly benefit your business. But with the ever-growing News Feed and the growing popularity of social media ads, it’s hard to cut through the noise. Let us help you create a clever and highly targeted campaign that is efficient, so that your advertising budget has the best possible return.

Ads that Inspire Action

Grab their attention! Sometimes clever, sometimes heartfelt, sometimes bold. Always clean and simple. Advertising creative needs to convey your mission with clear visuals and messaging, but sometimes it isn’t a simple task. Our experience with all kinds of industries has prepared us for anything, and we will find the design solution that clicks, and gets clicked!

Precise Targeting

It’s all about those clicks, and we can get them! Based on what you are trying to promote, we can fine tune your advertisement to reach the people who are most interested. Once an ad is launched, we can calibrate its targeting to improve response and increase profits.

Ready to improve your digital marketing?