Brand Services

Brand Services

Now more than ever, creating and maintaining your brand across all platforms goes way beyond the logo. Strong brand design can be the difference between standing out and becoming part of the every day visual clutter. Camos brand services can handle all aspects of your branding and we’re willing to take on branding projects at almost any level. We are passionate about brand design and can take on whatever portion or scale you need. À la carte or package deals can be put together to suit any need.

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Using our design expertise and research we will create you a logo based on your industry, social and public perception and visual reasoning.


It’s never because we think it looks pretty! Choosing your company colors often has extensive thought in regards to color theory and public response.


Most Logos have letters in them, so you need a font. There are approximately 300,000 fonts to choose from. We know how to find or create the one that is perfect for you.


Whether you already have a logo or had Camos design one for you, a brand kit can amplify your brands’ strength and there is nothing we could recommend more to a company that doesn’t already have a brand kit.  By outlining rules for using your logo, you can create and maintain a consistent brand experience for anyone who comes into contact with your company, ensuring that you create a lasting positive impression.


Creating visual aids and specific instructions regarding logo placement, color variation and situational procedures.


Choosing company fonts that compliment your logo, these fonts are often not the same as your logo and help elevate your brand.

Colors 2.0

Sure, your logo has colors, but these need to be further defined. Supplemental colors and shades designed to amplify your brand and solidify the big picture of your brands public perspective. 


Take things even further by setting a visual guide for use of brand approved imagery and requirements.


Your brand is also reflected in the content and attitude you present to the world. Our messaging services allow you to manage your brand identity at varying levels. This is far beyond the brand kit. We help you set up the perception of your company to the world. We establish your brands’ key attributes, company values and more, to guide the position it occupies in the public’s mind. We can create a guidebook, and also function as a consultant in specific matters.


Start or expand processes to identify your demographic and cater your brand to that audience.


Defining keywords and phrases that describe your company, and what it provides. These help to define everything from slogans to advertising headlines. 


A step up from Attributes, values are more complex ideas that represent your company and are often based on feeling and emotion rather than attributes.


Guiding your public perception through your brand is a complex task that takes time. But adjusting this can greatly increase ad response by creating positive preconceived ideas.


It is exactly what it sounds like. Through all these processes we define you companies personality. This definition effects how social media and internal communications appear and are worded.

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