About Us

About Us

Camos is an international graphic design and marketing agency proudly headquartered in Helsinki. Graphic design and marketing are what we love, working in digital platforms while also doing our part to keep print alive and eco-friendly. We believe in clean design, strong brands and keeping warm.


Cassel Moschetto
Creative & Marketing Director | CEO

Cassel is thorough with design and marketing and always keeps the project’s goals in mind. His extensive experience in graphic design and marketing for the retail industry has made him fast and unshakable if “stuff” hits the fan. Leaving America behind in 2012 to start his own company, he fell in love with Helsinki and all it has to offer.  When he isn’t working he likes to fiddle with or shop old cars, take road trips to go see rally racing and go to the sauna.

Yvonne Reiner
AD | Project Manager

Yvonne is precise and focused. She brings a wealth of experience from many different industries and is used to wearing many hats around the office. Working in both furniture design and at an in-house marketing team in Switzerland, she knows how to tackle the big picture of any project. Yvonne enjoys art, playing cards (as long as she isn’t losing) and traveling.

Nhu - Digital Marketing Specialist

Nhu Nguyen
Digital Marketing Specialist

Nhu is determined and highly-structured. When she sets her eyes on a goal, she will work tirelessly to reach it. She has found her love for the digital marketing world years ago and is nowadays specializing in SEO, PPC and content creation. In her free time, you can find her roaming around the city, attending workshops and trying out new restaurants. Nhu loves being by the water and cuddling puppies of all breeds and sizes.

Dan Orellana
UX & Service Designer

Dan is meticulous and talented. About to finish his second degree in communications and development, he is highly skilled and ready to take on any project. As an Australian, he enjoys experiencing new things in Finland, and after 5 years, he is still intrigued and grateful for the culture and life he has made in Helsinki.

Paavo Pykäläinen

Paavo is a world-class photographer. When he isn’t bringing his own exceptional ideas to the table, he understands visual language and knows what the team and the client are looking for. He also has our back whenever a computer starts acting up. He enjoys technology, flying his drone and his new VR headset.

Digital Services

Our team specializes in digital design that creates a response. Whether it is a must-click ad or a fully realized e-commerce website, Camos can get the job done.

Print Services

Print design is still needed by organizations of all sizes. Clean design, precision, and efficiency are what it takes to make it effective. We excel at all three.

Brand Services

Creating a strong brand is essential for any company. We love creating solutions for companies of all sizes, well beyond just the logo mark.

Inhouse Outsourcing

We’re familiar with the drawbacks that outsourcing can have. That’s why Camos offers the In-house Outsourcing plan. Designed to work with your company as if we were part of it!


Happy Customers

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